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In the next century, a bionic scientist called "Dr. Scarab" is after power and immortality by bionic-nanotech engineering. He and his henchmen are stopped again and again by Dr. Sharp and his Bionic Six, a multi-cultural family of bionic people.

The characters and the voice acting talents

Bunji Bennett: voiced by Brian Tochi

Eric Bennett: voiced by  Hal Rayle
Helen Bennett: voiced by Carol Bilger
J.D. Bennett: voiced by Norman Bernard

Jack Bennett/Klunk/Techno Tex/Dr. Scarab's Computer: voiced by John Stephenson

Meg Bennett: Bobbie Block, Samantha Paris

Dr. Scarab: voiced by Jim MacGeorge

F.L.U.F.F.I.: voiced by Neil Ross

Chopper/Glove/Mechanic: voiced by Frank Welker

Madame O: voiced by Jennifer Darling

Professor Amadeus Sharp: voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Additional voices: Shuko Akune, Bever-Leigh Banfield, Susan Blu, Arthur Burghardt, Michael Mish, Howard Morris, Michael Sheehan

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