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BraveStarr Toy Commercial

Bravestarr By MATTEL

Based on the cartoon series, these figures were large for the time at nearly 8" in height. Each figure had a unique action feature. Marshall Bravestarr and Tex Hex were also packaged with a Laser Fire Backpack which shot infra-red beams and had sound effects. These backpacks were also packaged separately.

A second series of figures were designed but never produced including Dingo Dan, Judge JB, Long Arm John, Rampage and the Starr Hawk vehicle.

SERIES 1 1986

Col. Borobot
Deputy Fuzz
Handle Bar
Marshall Bravestarr
Outlaw Scuzz W/Scuzz Bucket
Sand Storm
Tex Hex
Thunder Stick


Skull Walker
Thirty Thirty
Heroic Laser Fire Backpack
Evil Laser Fire Backpack
Fort Kerium

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