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Centurions By KENNER

Centurions are man and machine, Power X-treme! They are Max Ray, the sea operations commander, Jake Rockwell land operations and Ace McCloud the air operations expert. This line is based on the animated series, the figures have many holes in their bodies where Assault Weapon Systems attach to the figures. The Power Pack was also included with the Sea Bat.

A second series of vehicles, figures and weapons were designed in 1987, but were never produced. Rex Charger with his Electro Charger and Gatling Guard accessories and John Arrow with his Silent Thunder and Arrow Knife accessories were to be introduced. The series two sea and land monsters, Cybervore Shark and Cybervore Panther were also designed for the unproduced second series. As well, the Assault Weapons Systems, Strato-Strike & Aero-Sault for Ace McCloud, Awesome Auger & Land Laser for Jake Rockwell and Aqua-Blazer for Max Ray were shown in the 1987 catalog, but were never produced.

SERIES 1 1986

Ace McCloud & Skynight
Jake Rockwell & Fireforce
Max Ray & Cruiser
Dr. Terror
Doom Drones Strafer
Doom Drones Traumatizer


Orbital Interceptor
Wild Weasel
Depth Charger
Sea Bat
Tidal Blast
Power Pack

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