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Retro Con Frequently Asked Questions

What is Retro Con?

Retro Con is primarily a toy and memorabilia show catering to anything considered ”old school”! Transformers, Star Wars, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, He-man, classic video games, etc.. Newer toys based on vintage lines will also be allowed, and even some non-retro stuff (we’re not that picky!) The main hall is approximately 18,500 square feet and we will have roughly 75 dealer tables available for rent.

When and where will the convention be held?

Sunday November 11th 2012 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Despite the name, the venue actually far removed from Philadelphia, is easy to find, and has plenty of free parking available. The website for the expo center (featuring the full address and directions) can be found at The show will be held in Hall D.

We’ve been told that the address does not register in some GPS devices, so please look at the “Using a GPS” section of the convention center site (it’s among the links at the bottom of the front page).

What are the show hours?

Our tentative show hours will be 9am to 5pm.

What else can we expect beyond toys for sale?

Non-toy programming includes some classic video games, a Back to the Future time machine on display, a showcase of various replica props from popular retro movies and cartoons, appearances by the 501st Garrison Carida and the Philadelphia Ghostbusters, a costume contest, a raffle, special guests, and much more! Keep watching the main page and facebook page for the latest updates.

How much are general admission tickets for the show?

We are looking at $14 admission for the day. This includes two door prize raffle tickets. Kids under 12 get in for free. You may pay for your pass at the door. This will be a cash-only event.

How much are dealer spots, how big are the tables, and how can I purchase one or more spaces?

Dealer spots are $55 for one 8 foot table space. This includes TWO admission badges (one for the dealer, one for a helper). If you buy more than one table, your cost will be $50 per table. The first table would include two admission badges, and you will be entitled to one additional badge for each table bought after that. For instance a person reserving two tables will have three total badges included. To reserve one or more spots, e-mail us at Please add something along the lines of “Dealer table” in the subject header.

Will power be available at the dealer spots?

Let us know if you need power for your space and we’ll see if we can get it for you.

What can I sell at my dealer’s spot?

We are mainly aiming our show at fans of brands from the 70′s, 80s’, and 90′s, so it is recommended you bring merchandise from (or related to) those eras. But you are entitled to sell whatever you like at your table as long as it falls into the category of memorabilia. If you have something you’re unsure you can sell at the show, feel free to run it by us first. Examples of items you may sell: Action figures, playsets, board games, puzzles, dolls, video games, DVDs/VHS, posters, comics, models, genre-oriented art and crafts, custom props, etc.. Basically if it’s considered “geek”, you’re good!

Are there any nearby hotels?

The nearest hotel is the Hampton Inn on Cresson Blvd.

Is there an ATM on the premises?

Yes! There is one very close to the ticketing area.

Where is there to eat in the area?

The convention center has its own restaurant, but there’s also a nearby restaurant named Max & Erma’s, an eatery called Puttin’ on the Dogs (which has hot dogs, burgers, steaks, etc.), Arnold’s Family Fun Center which features a pizza buffet, and more.

What other attractions are in the area?

In close proximity are a Regal movie theater, a Target store, Arnold’s Family Fun Center (featuring go-karts, video games, and laser tag), and more.

Do you have a weapons policy at the show?

No real guns or live steel are allowed at the show. Costumers/cosplayers may carry prop weapons and unloaded airsoft guns as long as they carry them responsibly and not use them in a threatening manner. Use common sense and you will be fine.

The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Avenue Oaks, PA 19456

Sunday, November 11th 2012

9AM To 5PM


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