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Story Plot

Late in the 21st century, the an organization called the Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs (BETA) is formed on Earth to keep peace in the galaxy. Joseph Walsh commands a team of genetically and technologically advanced rangers-Zachary Fox, Niko, Goose, and Doc Hartford-to protect us from alien threats, including Queen of the Crown and her minions. This show weaves together aspects of westerns and science fiction into its setting.

Opening Theme Song



The characters and the voice acting talents!

Aliza Foxx/Niko: voiced by Laura Dean

Annie Oh/Maya of Tarkon/Mistwalker: voiced by Maia Danzinger

Brappo/GV/Squeegie/Zach Foxx Jr. (Little Zach)/Zozo: voiced by Robert Bottone

Bubblehead the Memory Bird/General/Jackie Subtract/Mogel the Space Sorcerer/Nimrod/Shane 'Goose' Gooseman: voiced by Doug Preis

Buzzwang: voiced by Alexander Marshall

Captain Kidd/Commander Joseph Walsh/King Spartos/Lazarus Slade/Wildfire Cody: voiced by Earl Hammond

Captain Zachary Foxx: voiced by Jerry Orbach

Crown Agent/Geezi the Pedulont/Larry the Incompetent/Q-Ball/Ryker Kilbane/Scarecrow/Waldo: voiced by Henry Mandell

Macross: voiced by Ray Owen

Queen of the Crowns/The Kiwi Kids: Corinne Orr

Roy: Auben Kelly

Walter 'Doc' Hartford: Hubert Kelly