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Story Plot

This group of disgustingly wealthy teenagers live it up in Southern California. This show embodies the "me first" spirit of the 80's. They each feel they are the center of their world. The star, Larke, is a beautiful blonde is dating Troy. Bianca is the brat who tries to take Troy from Larke. Chester shows off his genius by building crazy inventions. Bianca's servant, Wilshire, is in love with her, but she ignores him. Switchboard is the "babbling bimbo of gossip." Pierce is pompous and arrogant and never gets the girl. Tara is the Southern belle. Chanel is the beautiful African-American. Gig and Jett are rockers. They say they aren't together, but get really jealous when anyone hits on the other. Pierce's CAD unit computer is always talking back making fun of him. They shopped and drove limos and had expensive adventures. Each character was usually a stereotype of one sort or other, like the surfer dude, the rich princess, the computer geek, the rockers, the jock, and the like.

The characters and the voice acting talents!

Bianca Dupree/Blaise Summers/Jillian Thorndike: Tracy Moore
Buck Huckster/Wilshire Brentwood: Michael Beattie
Dad/Gig: Mark Saunders
Dog/Larke Tanner: Mary Long
Empress, Bianca's pink poodle: Linda Sorenson
Guitar/Radley: Hadley Kay
Jett/Tara Bell: Karen Bernstein
Nikki Darling: Corrine Koslo
Pierce Thorndyke: Stephen McMulkin
Shanelle Spencer: Michelle St. John
Switchboard: Joanna Schellenberg
Troy Jeffries: Jonathan Potts