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Bravestarr lyrics:


In a distant time, and far away place,
The planet New Texas floats deep in space,
Sky of three suns, land of precious ore,
The Kerium brought outlaws by the score!


Then one day, a law man appeared,
With powers of hawk, wolf, puma and bear!
Protector of peace mystic man from afar,
Champion of justice,
Marshall Bravestarr!

Bravestarr! (Bravestarr!)
Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf,
Bravestarr! (Bravestar!)
Strength of the bear, speed of the puma!


Story Plot

On the planet of New Texas, Marshal BraveStarr uses his super powers (strength of the bear, speed of the puma, eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf) to preserve order and justice, along with his talking horse, Thirty-Thirty, and the sidekick Deputy Fuss. Thirty-Thirty is an Equestroid, a mechanical horse with the ability to transform into a humanoid form, standing on his rear legs to fight. BraveStarr lived in Fort Kerium. His advisor was the wise, elderly Shaman. Tex-Hex was the evil leader of the Carrion Bunch, a group of outlaws under the control of the mysterious group Stampede. They sought the valuable Kerium that BraveStarr protected. Tex-Hex has guns that can turn people into half-human/half-dog beings called "Dingos."

The characters and the voice acting talents!
Deputy Fuss/Tex Hex: Charlie Adler
Judge BJ: Susan Blu
Marshall BraveStarr/Thunderstick: Pat Fraley
Outlaw Scuzz/Stampede: Alan Oppenheimer
Shaman/Thirty-Thirty: Ed Gilbert
Additional voices: Erik Gundin, Erika Scheimer