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Story Plot

Superman leads a superhero team comprising of the greatest DC Comics superheroes against a team of 13 of the most notorious DC Comics supervillians called the Legion of Doom, led by Lex Luther in a war that has the fate of Earth in the balance.

The characters and the voice acting talents!

Apache Chief/Green Lantern: voiced By Michael Rye
Aquaman/Bizarro: voiced By William Callaway
Batman: voiced By Olan Soule
Black Manta/Brainiac: voiced By Ted Cassidy
Black Vulcan: voiced By Buster Jones
Captain Cold/Legion of Doom Computer: voiced By Dick Ryal
Cheetah: voiced By Marlene Aragon
Flash/Hawkman/Samurai: voiced By Jack Angel
Giganta: voiced By Ruth Forman
Gleek/Riddler: voiced By Michael Bell
Gorilla Grodd: voiced By Stanley Ralph Ross
Hall of Justice Computer/Robin: voiced By Casey Kasem
Lex Luthor: voiced By Stan Jones
Narrator: voiced By William Woodson
Scarecrow: voiced By Don Messick
Sinestro: voiced By Vic Perrin
Solomon Grundy: voiced By Jimmy Weldon
Superman: voiced By Danny Dark
Toyman: voiced By Frank Welker
Wonder Woman: voiced By Shannon Farnon

Additional Voices: Lewis Bailey/Melanie Chartoff/Al Fann/Bob Hastings/Bob Holt