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Story Plot

After the death of the good king, a group of loyalty, tiny dogs (only a doggie biscuit tall, hence The Biskitts), guard the royal treasure of Biskitt Castle. From the neighboring kingdom of Lower Suburbia, greedy King Max and his canine thugs try to steal the treasure. Throw in the hungry feral cat, Scratch, into the mix, along with a little magic and some humor, and you've got some crazy adventures!

The characters and the voice acting talents!

Bump/Flip/Spinner: Bob Holt
Dog Foot/Fang/Scratch: Peter Cullen
Downer: Henry Gibson
Fetch/King Max/Snarl: Kenneth Mars
Lady: B.J. Ward
Mooch: Marshall Efron
Scat: Dick Beals
Shecky: Kip King
Shiner: Jerry Houser
Sweets: Kathleen Helppie
Wags: Darryl Hickman
Wiggle: Jennifer Darling