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Jem was produced by Hasbro from 1986 to 1987. The Jem line included rock star fashion dolls, play sets, accessories and a cartoon animation series. The toy line stopped production in 1988 but still has many fans to this day.

With the tremendous growth of music videos and their strong influence on today’s youth, Hasbro has developed JEM, a new fashion doll and a truly outrageous rock star! The JEM concept centers around a beautiful, young woman of the ’80′s with a secret dual identity! Off stage, she’s Jerrica Benton, co-owner of Starlight Music Corporation with the help of a holographic computer image named SYNERGY, that focuses her power through special LED earrings, Jerrica mysteriously transforms into JEM, the hottest rock singer to hit the stage!

There were eight different dolls released in 1986.

First Series Dolls


Jerrica the executive, transforms into JEM the rock star, with the help of her flashing Jemstar LED earrings! Girls will dress, pose and change her hair styles to match her lifestyle! 121/2" doll is fully articulated with bendable elbows and knees, twist and turn waist, and pose-able head. Includes microphone, stage dress, tights, glitter pumps, hair-pick, bracelet, reversible belt, daytime dress, hair, pumps, sunglasses, rock poster and figure stand.


Will Rio ever find out that the two special ladies in his life are one in the same? He's JEM's road manager and Jerrica's boyfriend! Rio is a 121/2" fully articulated figure with rooted, comb-able hair and stylish clothes. Includes cassette tape featuring music from the animated series, briefcase, rock poster, hair-pick, figure stand and fashion look that truly rocks!

The Holograms

JEM's fabulous musical group, are high energy in motion! They're dressed in 'outrageous' stage costumes and feature the latest hair styles and colors. Kimber, Aja, and Shana, come with their own unique musical instruments and a cassette tape featuring rock music from the JEM animated series! Each fully articulated, 121/2" doll includes a stage fashion, instrument, pumps, hair-pick, cassette tape, rock poster and figure stand.




The Misfits

The mischievous musical group and JEM's beautiful adversaries-The Misfits! Pizzazz, Stormer and Roxy have their own unique style with exciting hair colors, wild makeup, and hot fashions to set them apart from the Holograms! Each doll comes with a cassette tape featuring exclusive music from the Misfits! These fully pose-able 121/2" dolls come with a stage fashion, musical instrument, pumps, hair-pick, cassette tape, 2 bracelets, rock poster and figure stand.




Second Series Dolls

There were nineteen new dolls released in 1987, including nine new characters. There were four new Jem dolls (including Synergy, the transformed Jem) and one new Rio doll. Three new members were introduced to The Holograms (making six new dolls), and two more members of The Misfits (making five new dolls). And finally, three new dolls were introduced as friends of Jerrica.

Second Series Holograms




Jem took on many different styles!

Rock 'N Curl JEM

JEM's newest fashion hairstyle ' it's extra long, silky and all curls! 121/2", fully articulated fashion doll has extra long, pink and blond rooted hair! Includes a hot performance outfit, removable hoop earrings, two bracelets, pumps, glitter hose, hair-pick, microphone, two hair ties and JEM Rock Star Poster!

Flash 'N Sizzle JEM/Jerrica

JEM/Jerrica sizzles on stage and off with a totally new look that's truly outrageous! With flashing Jemstar LED earrings! 121/2", fully articulated fashion doll has long pink and blond rooted hair! Jerrica's outfit includes a tunic with hood and sunglasses to help hide her secret identify! As JEM, she wears a sparkly performance outfit with matching hose, hair tie and pumps! Also includes ankle boots, bracelets, microphone, doll stand, and a JEM Rock Star Poster. Cassette tape with JEM and The Holograms' newest hits!

Glitter 'n Gold JEM

JEM goes GOLD! She has glittering gold strands in her hair and a glamorous, multi-piece fashion outfit for her nights out with Rio! And now has added flexibility for a truly lifelike look! With flashing Jemstar LED earrings! More pose-able then ever! Her legs and arms bend in two ways so she can cross her legs or hold her microphone like a real rock 'n roll star. 121/2", fully articulated fashion doll has long pink, blond and gold rooted hair! Cassette tape has a "gold" label and brand new JEM hits! Includes bodysuit, tights, skirt, "fur" cape, hair tie, gold shoes, two bracelets, microphone, "suede" skirt, gold sunglasses, sandals, hair-pick, gold litter doll stand, and JEM Rock Star Poster!

Rio joined Jem in this [Glitter 'n Gold] look!

Glitter 'n Gold Rio

JEM thinks Rio's the coolest in his Glitter 'N Gold tux and sunglasses! And he has an extra surprise for his favorite star, a long stem rose! 12-1/2", fully articulated male fashion doll has purple and black hair! Cassette tape has a "gold" label and brand new JEM hits! Includes gold tuxedo jacket with satin shirt, gold tie, pants, sneakers, a rose for JEM, hair-pick, gold glitter doll stand, and a JEM Rock Star Poster!

Jem's Holographic Computer Takes Form As A Doll!


Synergy's super holographic computer has the power to transform Jerrica into the truly outrageous JEM! 121/2", fully articulated fashion doll has purple and mylar streaked hair, lavender skin and an electrifying costume! Cassette tape has brand new JEM and The Holograms' music! Includes pretend computer, hair-pick, boots, doll stand, and a JEM Rock Star Poster!

The Holograms

They're the musical force behind JEM. Kimber, Aja and Shana are the original Holograms with the hottest sound around! Raya on drums is the Holograms' newest on stage performer! Behind the scenes, Danse choreographs while Video produces their award-winning rock videos!




The Misfits

The mischievous Misfits: Pizzazz, Stormer and Roxy have been joined by their wildest cohorts, Clash and Jetta. They'll do anything to make the Misfits #1! Clash jams JEM's concert with her distortion modulator while Jetta loves to zap the color out of JEM's music videos! They all spell trouble for JEM and the Holograms!



Starlight Girls

Ashley, Banee and Krissie are Jerrica's friends for the Starlight House and loyal fans of JEM! 11", articulated fashion dolls have chic fashions and unique hairstyles! Each includes shoes, hair-pick, and doll stand!



Ashley Sealed In Package!

Play Sets

There were three play-sets released in 1986 [which were also re-released the next year also]. In 1987 three large play-sets were released along with four smaller sets!

Rock Backstager

Rock Backstager was released in 1986 and re-released in 1987 with minor color changes..It also hooked up with other play sets!

Five minutes to showtime! The rock Backstager is a real audio speaker, a carrying case and a dressing room with everything a rock star needs for an outrageous performance! The audio speaker hooks up to the Jem Star Stage, the Rockin' Roadster, or most radios and cassette players! Use it to carry your Jem dolls and accessories!

Rockin' Roadster

JEM and her companions cruise into fantasy adventures in the highly styled, truly outrageous Rockin' Roadster! Lift the trunk lid to reveal a built-in FM radio and speaker! Remove the roof so JEM and a friend can bruise in the meticulously detailed interior. And there's plenty of room under the hood for JEM's fashions and accessories. Includes a jack for easy hook up to the Rock Backstager extension speaker.

Star Stage

Presenting live, on stage it's Jem and the Holograms! The Star Stage transforms from a daytime office for Jerrica to a rockin' reelin, stage for JEM and the Holograms! The built-in cassette player lets you listen to cassette tapes provided with the Holograms, Misfits, and Rio dolls, as well as other pre-recorded audio tapes!

Glitter N Gold Roadster

JEM revs up for a night of glamor, glitter, fashion, and fame while her fans listen to their favorite music on JEM FM radio! Lift the trunk to reveal a built-in FM radio and speaker! Raise the roof so JEM can cruise in her glittery Roadster with its flashy interior!

KJEM Rock On Guitar

JEM's child-sized air guitar with working microphone, amplifier and speaker turns into KJEM, a rock n roll radio station where JEM plays her hits songs over the radio waves! Kids can be the stars with their own working microphone and pretend air guitar! Air guitar converts to a pretend radio station where little girls and JEM can be KJEM disc jockeys!

New Wave Water bed

JEM has a dynamite New Wave Water-bed to relax on after her concerts! But when it's time to jam with the Holograms, the water-bed converts into a real electronics, 17-note keyboard! Kids can play JEM songs on he keyboard with the help of a key-coded music sheet!

Look For More Retro Fun..In the near future!

Jem Doll Commercial


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